Abernethy Old Kirk, Nethy Bridge

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Abernethy Old Kirk Yard Genealogy

The parish of Abernethy has always produced people that have, for one reason or another, left to explore other parts of the British Empire and the world at large. It is no exaggeration to say that there are far, far more people in the likes of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa descended from Abernethy folk than actually live in Abernethy now. 


The Old Kirk Yard has more than 430 memorial and grave stones naming more than 1400 individuals. Of these 1400, some 150 people are recorded as dying before 1855 and therefore before statutory death registration was introduced to Scotland. These gravestone inscriptions could be the only record of their very existence.  The inscriptions are an extremely valuable record of the people that lived and worked in Abernethy and beyond.

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We are in the process of building a database of these inscriptions for genealogical and historical research and would welcome any pictures, memories and stories of people and places associated with Abernethy that we could add to this database.  

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People of note

Some of the Old Kirk Yards residents took part in historic events such as Alexander Grant from Lynbeg who participated in the last clan rising in Scotland and others, like John Grant are part of families that inspired the 'Cherryble Brothers' in the Charles Dickens book ‘Nicholas Nickleby’.  

What other stories are waiting to be discovered?

Every one has a story to tell most just have not been told yet.

James Cameron who has a memorial stone in the kirkyard of Abernethy Old Kirk Nethy Bridge

War time casualties like James Cameron of Easter Tulloch in Abernethy who signed up for the army on the 24th of January 1916 aged 19 years and 1 month, went ‘overseas’ on the 19th of August 1916 and was killed in action on the 4th of May 1917. A young man of 5 foot 7 and ¼ inches and of fair complexion, proud to do his part in the Machine Gun Corp but born a farm boy and with a strong farming tradition.  

WW1 Machine Gun Corp card that is highly probable James sent himself

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